The Buying Process

Experience is key. As one of the premier Lakewood real estate companies of over 20 years, we bring experience to the buying table. We go through a proven step by step process to guide our clients with clarity and conviction.

Step 1


The first step in the buying process is the most important. We meet one on one with you the client and get to know your unique needs and interests. At this point we are not selling, we are listening.

What are your objectives, needs, requirements? How can we get you from this meeting into your new home? What are you prepared for, and what still needs work to be done before you can successfully make your purchase? Where? What style of home? What price range? What works and doesn’t work for you?

Step 2


We take “your” work seriously. When we work with clients, we are deeply committed to their needs and search in finding the perfect home for their family.
Because we work by referrals, we are unique among Lakewood real estate companies, as we can focus exclusively on our committed clients. We therefore only work with clients who commit to using one agent to bring them the highest level of focus on their search.

Step 3


Once we meet with our clients, clarify our procedures, have an exclusive commitment from both agent and client, we can begin the ‘clarification’ process.

By understanding what your style, price and neighborhood objectives are, we can send you out to explore preliminary options. Once we receive feedback we can narrow the search even more and eliminate houses or areas that are not preferred, until we get you into the perfect house.

Step 4

contract & closing

Once you find the perfect home, that’s when our work really begins. As one of oldest Lakewood real estate companies, we use our expert negotiating skills to prioritize your needs for this transactions; price, timing, included items or corrective measures to get you the best deal for you.

Once a deal is finalized we can then work on the legal process and required paperwork as well as all the tasks to get you through the rest of the transaction; inspection, mortgage, appraisal, pre & post closing.

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